You don’t have a bad memory.

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Money Making Tricks on Medium

There’s hope for shitty writing!

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1. Write about Medium

It’s a two-way street.

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Why so negative?

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2 men accused of drugging, raping Bucks County woman found dead in Miami hotel room

Black man slashed with knife on subway, attack being investigated as a hate crime

Mentally troubled woman seriously burned when she sets herself ablaze on Manhattan street

On Writing

It’s something you’re not willing to admit.

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On Parenting

Wisdom from Eckhart Tolle

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On Writing

It’s about improving it.

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“Begin with genre. Understand it. Master…

On Writing

Especially negativity.

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“The internet brings uninvited energy, positive and negative, to the work we set out to do.” — Seth Godin

The Dozen

Development Specialist | Professional Grant Writer | 11+ years | Dad | Husband | Natural Bodybuilder | I reflect on dozens of topics.

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